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The recipe for optimum healthcare for your entire family is easy to explain, but can be challenging to meet. However, with a little effort and discipline, both you and your children can live healthier by following a few simple tips:
  1. Eat healthy. Kids generally eat what their parents buy or cook, so if you're making an effort to eat right, so will they.
  2. Cut down on TV. Instead, encourage your family to be more active and explore the wonderful region we live in.
  3. Read more. Books are brain food for you and your children. Why not take your kids to the library for your next family outing?
  4. Be involved in your children's lives. They are your biggest investment, so take care of them by participating in their interests, being active in their school, and challenging them to think and live well.

Parents who eat healthy have kids who eat healthy. Kids end up eating what you buy or cook, so make an effort to eat well and the whole family benefits!